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How a misprint about aspirin might be endangering your life

There are several commonly taken drugs that you can buy from the chemist, newsagent and even a petrol station but are they all really safe to take? Aspirin is one of these and this article discusses the safety of such a ubiquitous remedy and finds that we shouldn’t take it so lightly...

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Could this really wash away asthma and back pain?

Water therapy is now widely used for musculo-skeletal problems but it can be useful for a whole range of health problems. Find out more here...

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Find out why I had to apologise to my entire neighbourhood!

First a general apology for the residents in my street for the horrible noise that woke you on Wednesday night last week. You may have thought that the blood curdling howls were the result of an invading Mongol army – or at least a major military skirmish in the street. Let me explain what actually happened.

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Why the colour of your curry is linked to cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's

I love a good curry... In my old rugby days it was a macho thing to order the hottest dish on the menu. With my tongue on fire, I washed it down with stupid amounts of beer.

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A common cause of headaches could be tired eyes here's how to deal with them easily

For much of the country we have seen the last of our early season sunshine. Records for average daily temperature in March have been tumbling almost daily over the previous weeks. For some people this has created more than their fair share of headaches. I have very much enjoyed the sunshine, but many of my friends have not been so lucky... let me tell you why.

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Is this the weirdest arthritis remedy ever?

I'm going to take you on a magical journey... If you imagine that scene from The Snowman where he flies with the little boy.... (it's alright I'll be the fat snowman and you can be the wondrous child)... then that's the sort of thing I'm talking about. I'm flying you over the channel.... down through France... over Italy... across the Mediterranean Sea...touching down in North Africa.

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