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Suffering each and every day from the pain and discomfort associated with arthritic conditions is not what anyone wants, and to those who are trying to cope with these symptoms we would like to offer some help and advice.

There are various arthritis types but the common symptom is pain and we know that so many people tend to think that arthritis is just a part of getting older and the pain that goes with it is to be expected.

But why should you accept arthritis pain as inevitable? Is your only hope to go to your GP for arthritis treatment? Are there any natural remedies for arthritis?

These and many other questions can be answered simply, fully and in an easy to read style.

Our FREE report will help you understand more about the types of arthritis but also offer some help and advice about how you can significantly reduce arthritis pain.

In this highly researched report you will discover;

  • Exactly what pain is, the neurological and physiological pathways involved and why knowing this can really help you manage it.
  • The factors which influence how pain is felt – this section alone explains why we all feel pain differently and why no-one else can say they know how you feel because they have arthritis too.
  • Drugs that are prescribed for arthritis and other types of pain that can actually cause more damage in the body... and that leads to even more pain.
  • The three common reasons why arthritis is so painful.
  • The role inflammation has in arthritic pain, but also in the process of healing – it might sound strange but inflammation might be how the body is healing itself.

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Here at The Good Life Letter our mission is to give you the full facts about the very latest breakthroughs in natural medicine that are achieving remarkable success against some of the worst health problems of today.

And to do this we've enlisted the help of Carl Stanley, previously a registered osteopath and specialist in joint and muscle pain over many years.

He still lectures in clinical medicine at UK Universities and Colleges - and even works with GPs to help them understand more about this area of medicine, than they ever learnt in medical school.

Carl draws his expertise from a mix of scientific research and 20 years' clinical experience - all underlined with a healthy dose of common sense.

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New hope for pain sufferers

Claim this free report and you'll discover;

  • How to distinguish between the five common causes of pain involved in arthritic conditions including functional and muscular pain as well as joint pain.
  • The ten tips that will help you choose the best natural remedy for arthritis that your body needs.
  • A surprising Indian herb whose name translates as ‘the sweat of the horse’ which can relax spasming muscles and restricted joints.
  • Many more natural remedies to control the pain involved in all arthritis types.

How common is arthritis in the UK?

Statistics for the UK drawn together by Versus Arthritis show that two of the commonest osteoarthritis conditions in the hip and knee total 7.25 million people over the age of 18, and nearly half a million sufferers of the much rarer rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition to this the research shows that nearly 10 million people over the age of 18 suffer from back pain in the UK – much of this will be due to arthritic changes in the spine.

They sum up arthritis as follows;

“It takes strength to live with arthritis. Because it’s not just “wear and tear”, it’s not just “aches and pains”. It’s not alright. It’s arthritis.”

Also inside Your FREE 33-page Report:

  • Is Your Prescription Medication causing your pain? Hard to believe, but the main culprits.
  • This 'double-whammy' vitamin deficiency could be the root cause of your pain...but you can fix it in only 10 seconds per day.
  • Liver damage, stomach bleeding, increased risk of falling.... just some of the side effects caused by painkilling drugs. Find out how to protect yourself from their harmful effects....
  • Bungling bureaucrats withdraw proven natural back pain remedy to fund unproven drug treatments of their buddies in Big Pharma.

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