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Many people are aware that drugs and prescribed medication can have side-effects and are interested in exploring natural ways to help relive and manage their pain.

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Fibromyalgia - Natural Pain Remedies

Nature has always provided ways to help relieve pain and discomfort. Whether is mild joint pain or osteoarthritis, as medicine has developed many people have forgotten some of the old ways to help with pain, often without the side effects sometime associated with prescription drugs.

Helping us forget how beneficial, safe and effective nature can be is in the interests of the big pharmaceutical companies though and they will waste no time in trying to discourage anyone who points out that nature was doing a fantastic job long before their profiteering ways came on the scene.

For instance Green Lipped Mussels kept ancient Maori tribes free from arthritis long before daily pills claimed to do the job, honey helped heal ulcerated skin and infected wounds for the Pharaohs and warm healing sands nursed desert tribesmen through the pain of rheumatic conditions.

But of course if a GP were to offer you a pot of honey to rub on a skin ulcer now the medical world would be up in arms and they'd be out of a job quicker than you can say ‘take two before bedtime!

Conditions that we think of as being problems of modern times existed many years before doctors came to know their names – ankylosing spondylitis,  polymyalgia rheumatic and psoriatic arthritis might seem like something new, but anthropological studies show that our distant ancestors suffering the same conditions.

Treating these meant something different for them compared to the opportunity we have of getting a prescription from our doctors – in their world everything was natural.

So, that is what they did.

They experimented with the plants and natural compounds they had around, sharing their discoveries with friends and families as they went.

An often heard comment is that we should ‘treat food as our medicine, otherwise we will be treating medicine as our food' harks back to the way earlier generations properly understood how diet and health were linked.

By trial and error they discovered that certain root vegetables stopped the pain in their muscles after a hard day hunting – we now know that magnesium helps prevent and treat muscle cramps, but to them the diagnosis and cure were much more simplistic...

...if this hurts eat the big white root!

So, part of our aim is to simplify home remedies in this way – link the power of natural compounds and foods back to the way our body uses them and helps prevent or cure maladies as they strike.

Day to day joint pain, muscle aches and headaches were part and parcel of our forebears lives, but they were able to deal with them because they understood the foods that would diminish the pain.

By following the simple advice in this report and through our weekly newsletters you will find yourself reconnected with a more natural way of staying healthy, but also discover how to control daily pains.

Fibromyalgia, neuralgic pain and gout are all cited as some of the worst discomforts of modern life, yet our allopathic doctors don't have the answer to deal with them – maybe nature does.

It's just a matter of reconnecting with ancient knowledge.

That's what we aim to let you do.